seeking happiness? flock to boca grande’s farmers market

During late 2014 (our inaugural season), Jamie Johnson Photos of Englewood, Florida (941/456-0114) visited our Friday Farmers Market where she captured some ad-hoc and informal images of those who’d found real, long-lasting happiness at our open-air farmers market exchange.  The people of the island are the reason behind our business vendors’ smiles. You can get your very own happiness too, by taking a trip out to the remote, Florida  barrier island’s Wheeler Road Ball Field before the end of April 2015.

Farmer's Market_0008

   Farmer's Market_0643   Farmer's Market_0634  Farmer's Market_0622    Farmer's Market_0611  Farmer's Market_0586       Farmer's Market_0578 Farmer's Market_0583 Farmer's Market_0571  Farmer's Market_0568     Farmer's Market_0554      Farmer's Market_0528  Farmer's Market_0519  Farmer's Market_0508Farmer's Market_0016 Farmer's Market_0507  Farmer's Market_0503   Farmer's Market_0487 Farmer's Market_0485    Farmer's Market_0469Farmer's Market_0481  Farmer's Market_0464  Farmer's Market_0458    Farmer's Market_0439   Farmer's Market_0426     Farmer's Market_0412  Farmer's Market_0399  Farmer's Market_0389    Farmer's Market_0373       Farmer's Market_0351      Farmer's Market_0335   Farmer's Market_0317    Farmer's Market_0299  Farmer's Market_0280        Farmer's Market_0256     Farmer's Market_0234   Farmer's Market_0216 Farmer's Market_0207   Farmer's Market_0197     Farmer's Market_0181   Farmer's Market_0165             Farmer's Market_0111   Farmer's Market_0097   Farmer's Market_0079  Farmer's Market_0072     Farmer's Market_0057  Farmer's Market_0050         Farmer's Market_0023

The Boca Grande Farmers Market runs weekly on Fridays from Oct 3, 2014 – April 24, 2015 at 305 Wheeler Road Ball Field on Boca Grande (Gasparilla Island), FL from 9:30a – 1:30p. Market Management may be reached at 941.875.5190.


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