ravioli diablo is market’s “2015 Taste” premier plate


Boca Grande Farmers Market is set for a premier showing in the 2015 Taste of Boca Grande event scheduled for Monday, February 2, 2015.  Market management pre-selected four of its top food purveyors who were also carrying local reputations as fine, professional chefs and caterers.  Those four finalists were then presented to “Taste” organizers to match and compare against the 20 or so organizations and restaurants already on slate for this year’s charitable cause in support of the Southwest Florida Harry Chapin Food Bank.

At Market, where the winning proposal’s business is known as Chef Robert’s Kitchen, a wide variety of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern inspired foods is available. Chef Robert’s is also an award-winning, dedicated enthusiast of life-altering cuisine under the name Cardoos Catering With Distinction.  Happily, in partnering together with the Market, Cardoos has an exciting plan to showcase Ravioli Diablo like you’ve never before experienced.

Cardoos Catering With Distinction is owned and operated by Chef Robert and Barbara Cardoos out of Cape Coral, Fl.  In addition to their successful venture as restaurateurs, and prominance at five significant area farmers markets, they do a first-rate job with formal, corporate, and wedding catering.  The Boca Grande Farmers Market is thrilled to present the Cardoos Family in support of the critical mission of feeding the hungry. That includes YOU on the evening of the 2nd, so make a beeline over to the flames of fire!


The Boca Grande Farmers Market runs weekly on Fridays from Oct 3, 2014 – April 24, 2015 at 305 Wheeler Road Ball Field on Boca Grande, FL from 9:30a – 1:30p. Market Management may be reached at 941.875.5190.


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