BGFM Open Public Food Forum 2/18/15


On Wednesday, February 18, 2015, from 10 am –  12 noon, Boca Grande Farmers Market (BGFM) is hosting an Open Public Food Forum at the Community Center Auditorium.  BGFM’s primary goal, a community oriented nexus of food, health and social fun, is dependent on continuously vibrant idea exchange.  With 12 weeks remaining until the end of our inaugural season, market organizers are seeking public feedback on subjects ranging from market satisfaction levels, ideas for the future, and areas of help, interest and expertise.

BGFM was created and designed with not only the existing (and wildly successful) weekly open-air Friday farmers market in mind, but also with much larger and greater goals for the formal establishment of a locally sustainable green food culture.  Your attendance and input during the Open Forum will guide initiatives including: community supported agriculture (CSAs), edible gardens, food rescue, seed banks, and resource aggregation (otherwise known as food hubs). Guests will be presented with a brief overview of several future-forward projects already in the creation stages and will be asked to vote on and rank them according to viability and community-driven priority.

The future of our state, region, and local food distribution system, food security, food politics, and food integrity requires advocacy, passion, education, and a demand for uncompromising quality.  Southwest Florida’s Gasparilla Island is uniquely positioned as a remote barrier food desert in serving as an emerging model of food excellence; a model propelling progression in economy, environment, and health.  We are seeking free-thinking pioneers.  If you will answer the call, you will take part in a collaborative groundbreaking vision and direct demonstration of unadulterated food and health achievements for the greater good.  We’ll see YOU there.

The Boca Grande Farmers Market runs weekly on Fridays from Oct 3, 2014 – April 24, 2015 at 305 Wheeler Road Ball Field on Boca Grande, FL from 9:30a – 1:30p. Market Management may be reached at 941.875.5190.


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