boca grande farmers market announces specialty organic CSA on-island farm-to-door delivery in Season 2

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

SIGN UP FOR 2015/2016 Season 2

Exceptional Organics & Food Specialties

Farm to Door

Want beautiful boxes of local SWFL farms’ best SPECIALTY ORGANIC harvest each week?    How does it work?  You’ll receive a healthy harvest box each Friday for each week you participate. Seasonal memberships are available October – April.  The harvests vary with the time of the season – no one week is like another.  Harvest boxes consist of a balanced array of multiple items, including:

salad greens, cooking greens, root crops, fruiting vegetables, culinary herbs, fruit crops, and other specialty sundries. One week’s share may contain: a head of lettuce, a handful of kale, a crop of carrots, a quart of tomatoes, a bevy of squash, a bunch of scallions, a gazillion green beans, a sprig of basil, and a sunflower or two, or we may throw in new sauces and innovative food items to jazz up your culinary expertise.

What can I expect?  A harvest box comfortably fulfills the weekly produce needs of 2-4 people who like to eat plenty of vegetables.  Households can enroll for more than one share, or boxes can be split between 2 or more families.

How is this different from the farmers market?:  A CSA traditionally runs the growing season, and our Farmers Market is also operational during season.  What we are seeking to provide is consistent farm to door delivery of specialty organics for the discerning locavores and foodies on island.  CSA goods are personally selected by the founder of the farmers market and are brought direct to you each Friday.  The CSA also provides you with a range of options for receiving goods.  Not everyone can come to market on Friday.  Let’s say you were arriving on island on Saturday and wanted a full fridge ready to go.  Perfect.  Yup!  That’s us.  Or let’s say the Doctor told you only green leafy foods for the next ten weeks.  We’ll take exceptional care of your needs. 

DELIVERY OPTIONS:  Come to the Boca Grande Farmers Market each Friday at pick-up time (9am), sign the roster and pick up your pre-ordered box, or HAVE YOUR BOX HAND DELIVERED TO YOU. 

SPECIAL ORDERS:  Having a party?  If you need more of one item or two, or are looking for something extra special, notify us NO LATER THAN Wednesday midnight.

COST: $50 per week.  There is no member work requirement, and there are no additional fees or commitments.  You can enroll for season, for the year, or just for a week here and there.  (Farm to Door Delivery is an additional $10 per box delivery). 

To sign up:  Send us your name and contact info at or call 941/875-5190 today.  Next season is going to be sensational!

Yes, I’m interested:

Name: ___________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________


Phone: ________________________________________________________

Email: _________________________________________________________



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