Boca Grande Farmers Market Contends for Food Preservation Program

Boca Grande Farmers Market is always seeking to help our community discover market fresh, and learn how to make and share “from farm-to-table” experiences.  Recently, we partnered with Jarden Consumer Solutions to compete nationally for a Public Food Preservation Program.  Jarden celebrates its fifth year helping Farmers Market Coalition members educate communities on the benefits of buying, storing and sharing locally grown and sourced food. Nearly a quarter of a million people have participated in the food preservation education program over the past four years; let’s keep the momentum going as we grow Discover You Can into Discover Market Fresh!

Food Preservation Education Opportunity – Discover Market Fresh: Learn, Make, Share℠

Discover Market Fresh: Learn, Make, Share℠ food preservation education program engages farmers market visitors in exciting ways by not only teaching them how to vacuum seal fresh food, but by also creating an educational and rewarding community experience. Participants learn how to vacuum seal food and make favorite recipes so they may share the fun of food preservation with others and enjoy the tastes of summer and seasonal foods throughout the year.


Thirty selected Farmers Market Coalition members will have the opportunity to host food preservation demonstrations and events, teaching their community the benefits of buying and preserving local produce, meats, breads and cheeses.  Cheer us on and stay posted for the competition results. BGFM opens for a second season on Friday, October 2, 2015.


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