Vendor Instructions Season 2 Boca Grande Farmers Market

We are so excited for opening day Season 2 on Friday, Oct 2, 2015 in Boca Grande Farmers Market.  Below are a few reminders and guidelines to help us all with expectations.  Please text or call with any concerns.  Hope you’re ready, 16 days to go!!!



CONTACT:  Please add me (Shauna) to your phones.  I use text communication at 941.875.5190. During season, if there are market operational questions, please email  All correspondence receives a reply.  We often cannot give the time and attention you may need or deserve on market day and we ask that low-level issues not be raised while we are open to the public.  Booth location and/or vendor product conflict will NOT be addressed on market day.

SCHEDULE:  Vendors arrive no earlier than 08:30.  You must depart the field by 2:30.  No late arrivals after 09:00 unless you have called or texted in the morning to advise your status and a space can be held for you.  Market is open rain or shine.  All market days are charged unless you have received a pass.  There is NO market Christmas Day, December 25th.  There IS market Black Friday, November 27th and New Years Day, January 1st.  New this year, you must advise by Wednesday midnight if you will miss that week’s market for any reason to avoid penalty.  A short (10 minute) monthly market meeting is held the first day of the month at close or 1:30pm, your participation is critical.  We will try to go to the end of April 2016.

PROCEDURES:  All vendors enter the market for setup through the yellow Farmers Market flags located near the tower.  Drive up to the BGFM booth and see either myself or the attendant.  Vendors are required to check in at the booth each morning as there may be last minute communications we need to share.  Payments are due in full for the month on the first day of the month, payable by check to Boca Grande Farmers Market or in cash.  Receipts are given.  If you are attending market on a varying schedule, take the number of weeks in the month times the weekly rate.  Be advised that the weekly rate increases by 5.00 per week beginning in January.  Currently a few vendors pay weekly.  If you need this arrangement, please see me for approval.  Otherwise, non-paying vendors will not be allowed re-entry.  Please review updated & revised rules under the BGFM Vendor App link on

Farmer's Market_0372

PAPERWORK:  All vendors MUST have current, updated paperwork for licensing, insurance and any other certifications needed.  All insurance must co-endorse Boca Grande Farmers Market.  YOU MUST PROVIDE THE BGFM BOOTH A COPY OF ALL YOUR PAPERWORK ON THE FIRST DAY YOU PARTICIPATE.  FAILURE TO DO SO MAY RESULT IN ELIMINATION UNTIL THE ISSUE IS RESOLVED.  You must also always have a copy of your paperwork with you available for inspection.  In Season 2 we highly anticipate we will be inspected without notice more than once due to ongoing Lee County discussion involving market ordinances.  All vendors MUST provide updated & current contact information the 1st day, please double check to see if we have yours. 

BOOTH:  All booths must have tents.  Tents are weighted, no stakes are allowed.  You are encouraged to have your own trash receptacles and all trash must be removed at end of market day.  No large food items in bulk may be thrown in the county trash containers.  Please wear close toed shoes, you may wish to bring bug spray and sun tan lotion, sunglasses and hats.  You may also wish to bring drinking water.  Please wear nametags – this is an important tool for getting to know one another and your customers.  All vendors are encouraged to bring or create seating from benches, chairs, hay, or other creative means.  All items must be clearly priced.  The market will be adding several enhancements throughout the season.

DRIVING:  Please note there is continuing construction on both the Boca Grande Causeway at the bridge and on 771 (Gasparilla Road).  You are encouraged to use Placida Road in Englewood or the new Winchester Exchange short-cut off McCall from Englewood to Cape Haze to access the island.  Plan accordingly.  You are highly encouraged to obtain a discounted bridge pass through the Gasparilla Island Bridge Authority.  Play careful attention to speed limits.  Please also follow the directions of the on-site parking attendant or other volunteers who are assisting in operations.  For safety, no vehicles may move on the lot after 9:15am.  This season ALL vendors (unless otherwise excused for medical or other reasons) will park in assigned vendor lot.  THERE WILL BE NO PARKING ALONG THE BACK OR SIDE FENCE LINES.  Should you need to depart early, please see either Shauna or Bonsai Lou so we may assist you. 

PROMOTIONS:  We will actively promote you and your products.  We ask that each vendor also promote your participation in our market through social media and photographs.  Our FB page is  October 30th will be our main October promotion – a Halloween costume day for vendors and the public, prizes will be awarded, all are expected to participate.  This year we will also institute a public voting contest at season end for the best market vendor overall.  Also, we are always open to your ideas and suggestions as there are MANY opportunities throughout season for increased visibility and customer development for those seeking it.  Lastly, the market is offering a new acquisition and distribution service known as Purveyor/Concierge.  See us to get involved. 

THANKYOU:  Thank you for your business and we wish you all the very best.  I can’t wait to see how this year grows as we continue to partner together for this community event and destination location.  What you bring to market is crucial for quality of life and I am grateful for your energies and efforts.     

 Shauna Lee Lange     941.875.5190


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