2016 Summer Plans

Farmer's Market_0340


We’re busy as bees in the midst of some significant changes with offerings for our barrier island paradise.  We’ve committed to spending our summer scouring the best of the best.  We’re connecting with old and new vendors to learn what’s new for the upcoming season.  We’re meeting, talking, planning.  We’re connecting with resources, subject matter experts, and various groups to learn how to operate smarter and not harder.  We’re growing.

One of the developments from all this behind the scenes activity is the emergence of Gophers: Groceries, Goods, and Personal Delivery Services straight to your door.  If you live in the Boca Grande area, we want to free up your time so you can enjoy life.  Visit us to learn more, or call Shauna at 941.875.5190.

Boca Grande Virtual Farmers Market is especially excited about new plans for year-round, immediately available apothecary and aromatherapy based goods, as well as a continued effort to bring more organic vegetables and fruits to market through a proper vehicle, added to arts and crafts offerings.  You’ll be noticing some changes to our advertising and website as we learn and innovate during our Season 3 (2016/2017) re-model and re-vision.

We’d love to hear what’s happening with you and your summer ahead.  As always, we remain available for any public inquiry or comment at bocagrandefarmersmarket@gmail.com.  We’re now less than three months away from Season 3 opening!  Let us know what you’d like to see on our website or our Facebook Page.


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