embracing big change: exciting year round, virtual, online market opens


Boca Grande Farmers Market follows a group known as Brave Girls Club for inspiration, motivation, and encouragement.  Today is the end of August and it marks a brand new beginning tomorrow September 1, 2016 for our much loved market as we transition to a highly creative, virtual, online platform.  This development has been months in the making and is so exciting because it not only means we will be the FIRST farmers market in all of Southwest Florida to embrace technology and service in this way, but we will also be able to operate year-round with ALL types of exceptional vendors – food and craft.  Watch tomorrow as we ring our opening bell with unbelievable gourmet pesto.

Today, Brave Girls Club wrote:

You’re a different person than you were at this time last month…and you’re an entirely different person than you were at this time last year. What about 5 years ago…do you see how much has changed? Do you see how much you have grown?

It’s ok to change. It’s ok to change your mind and change your hair style and change your attitude. It’s ok to change how you live and how you eat and what you do with your time. If anyone tells you that it’s not okay to change….please don’t believe it.

We have a lot of figuring out to do in this lifetime. Sometimes that requires us to stop what we are doing and try something else that feels more true to us. This is how we learn, this is how we grow, this is how we become who we are meant to become.

When trying to figure out what to do next, dear soul, just go where the peace is. Go to the places that are calling you…where you know you will find peace and where you know you will find what you need to learn next. Go where your next message is, where your next clue is. Go with what feels right and true and good. Even if it is not the easiest place to go.

And as soon as it’s time, you’ll know what you’re supposed to do next.  Everything is going to be okay. YOU are going to be okay.  Together, we are going to be BETTER than okay.

You are so very very loved.


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