Boca Grande Farmers Market is a nod to the purveyor and trading post of yesteryear. We are mindful that Boca Grande was built in part from those trading tourism through railroad and those exchanging phosphorous through transport.

In that spirit, the newly re-designed Boca Grande Virtual Farmers Market is part concierge and courier service, part gal or guy Friday, and part personal provisions secret weapon. No more empty shelves in the home, condo, or boat when you arrive on Gasparilla Island. No more searching for the perfect golf ball, girls day out sitter, or dinner gift. No more scrambling. Ever. Again. Take back your time.

Out deliver service, known as Gophers: Grocery, Goods and Personal Services Delivery is fast, efficient, trustworthy, and happy to serve you. After all, sometimes a squirrel finds a nut. Or a Gopher finds a golf ball.  Call Shauna at 941/875.5190.


Our mission is to support and promote the viability and vitality of Boca Grande and the surrounding communities through innovative agritourism services, programs, and partnerships maximizing the delivery of the whole health benefits of local, fresh, real food products and high-quality goods and services.

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