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If you love farmer’s markets then you will love it here. This is a VIRTUAL farmer’s market where vendors sell their products online then they are delivered to your door.

For the simplest method, contact us at 941.875.5190 and simply tell us what you need whether you see it on our pages or not.  We take care of selection, payment and delivery and you remit to us when we drive up to your door (or charge card in advance).  Presently, we can obtain many specialty foods, produce, groceries, gifts and goods at any time.

However, if you desire CERTIFIED ORGANIC, your order must be placed by Wednesday midnight for delivery Friday day and we will ALWAYS reveal our local Florida fresh sourcing. Per order normal hours delivery fee is $25 which covers bridge, time, gas and labor. Large or specialty orders may be per exception. And yes, we will select specialty fish, meats, eggs, cheese and other to your specifications.

Have more time and feel like hanging around the site to see what’s new?  Our farmers list their items in the virtual market and you simply shop what’s new and interesting.  Phone call your order or text it to 941.875.5190 and delivery will occur within 24-hours max, usually within 12 hours.

Getting to know the farmers that actually produce the food can be one benefit of physical farmers markets.  Virtual markets offer that also.  A customer can order directly from a specific farmer that they prefer, and we will do our best to share with you the back story of food production.  The virtual farmers markets can weed out peddlers that sometimes infiltrate farmers markets and push the boundaries of the rules of farmers markets, which is a concern for some customers.

More beautiful than that is the feature of being able to choose from goods which appeal to our coastal community, especially in the arts and crafts realms.  Watch soon for details.

Shauna Lee Lange LOVES to hear what you’re thinking.  Call or text us at 941.875.5190, email, follow us on Facebook, or write us at Box 3564, Placida, FL  33946.