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The historic and original Boca Grande Farmers Market was established in 2014 by Founder Shauna Lee Lange.  It operated seasonally, October to April, on the remote barrier island of Gasparilla Island, more commonly known as Boca Grande.  Since the beginning, we always wanted a market spirit with, for, by, and because of our community and local vendors. 

Beginning Season 3 (2016/207), our market will also expand to a virtual online platform, enabling residents and families to avail themselves of groceries, goods, and personal services delivery direct to their door on a daily basis.  The Boca Grande Virtual Farmers Market can offer produce, foods, arts, crafts, and a host of other unique opportunities.

Vendor applications for our market are considered on a rotating basis by date received year round.  Selection does operate on a seniority system.  Where invited, senior vendors will have first option at season renewals.  In addition, business ventures  who match the market’s overall vision will have priority placement.  We also do everything possible to collaborate with non-profits and government entities.  A wait list for certain categories exists, you are encouraged to act promptly.  We reserve the right to retain final authority on all application approvals and to withdraw your participation from market at any time for any reason.  You are encouraged to call or write with any questions as we roll out our new plans to 941.875.5190 or

2016/2017 Season 3 Boca Grande Farmers Market Application

Procedure to become an approved vendor:

1. Read the Rules and Regulations.
2. Completely fill out the application form below.  Include your non-refundable application fee of $35.
3. Return the completed form along with photocopies of appropriate permits and licenses, booth display (if applicable), and product you hope to sell to:

Boca Grande Virtual Farmers Market
P.O. Box 3564
Placida, FL  33946

941/875-5190 or

4. When received, will we advise that your complete application packet will be submitted for approval.
5. You will then be notified by the Manager of the decision.  If your application is approved, you will be contacted by the Manager to arrange to sell at the Market.


The Virtual Market is open year round beginning September 2016.

Contact Information

Name of Farm/Business: __________________________________________________

Primary Contact Name: ____________________________

Alternate Contact Name: ___________________________

Emergency Contact Name __________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

City: ___________________   State/Zip: _______________________

County: _________________________________

Telephone: _________________ Fax: ______________

Cell: ___________________

Email address: __________________________

Website address: ______________________

Facebook address: ___________________________

Insurance Agent (General Liability) Name: ____________________

Type of Insurance: _________________________________________

Please list ALL individuals who will be onsite representatives (include yourself):

Please provide name and phone number for each individual.

Name _______________________________________

Name _______________________________________

Product Category (Check all that apply)

___ Fruits ___ Vegetables ___ Dairy/Eggs

___ Plants ___ Flowers ___ Nursery Stock

___ Baked Goods ___ Cut Flowers ___ Jams/Jellies/Honey/Syrup/Sauces

___ Meat/Seafood/Poultry ___ Other _________________________

Vendor Category (Check all that apply)

___ Farmer (100% grower) ___ Dealer

___ Farmer with locally purchased supplement.

__ Reseller  ___ Crafter/Artist/Entertainment

___ Artisan ___ Producer__________________

Type of Business

__Sole Proprietorship Total years of operation______________

__Assumed Name Total years of operation______________

__Partnership Total years of operation______________

__Limited Liability Company Total years of operation______________

__Corporation Total years of operation______________

__Other (specify) _____________ Total years of operation______________

Products to be sold

Please list all products sold and their sources (own farm, purchased from local farm, wholesale)

Attach additional sheet if necessary.

Product: ____________________________ Source: ______________________

Product: ____________________________ Source: ______________________

Product: ____________________________ Source: ______________________

Product: ____________________________ Source: ______________________

Product: ____________________________ Source: ______________________

We own_______________acres and/or we rent___________________acres.

List below the license and inspection numbers required for the operation of your business and/or sale of your products, and any other license, registration, certification, or permit required by local, state, or federal law (such as weights certificates, etc.)

Florida sales tax license number: ______________________________________________

Nursery dealer license number: _________________________________________________

Plant dealer license number: ___________________________________________________

Plant or nursery inspection number: _____________________________________________

Organic certification license number: ____________________________________________

Other relevant license number: __________________________________________________

Other relevant inspection numbers: _______________________________________________

Please list other markets you participate in (name and day): __________________________________________________________

Provide copies of all current and valid licenses, registrations, certifications, or permits with your application.

Signature _______________________________________________________

Vendor’s signature verifies that the above information is complete and correct. The vendor has read, understands, and agrees to all provisions in the market rules. The market rules can be accessed online. Inspection of Vendor’s farm/place of business by market management may occur as a condition of selling at the market.

Signature: ___________________________________ Date ____________

Print Name: _______________________________

PRICING STRUCTURE – FEES ARE NEGOTIATED AFTER RECEIPT OF AN APPLICATION.  Our Services vary from vendor to vendor, accordingly our fee structure depends on our level of effort in serving you.  Non-Profits do receive a reduced fee.  Guest vendors (ad hoc appearances) are allowed.

$35 Non-Refundable One-time Lifetime Application Fee assessed to all applicants. Due with application.

____ I understand that my non-compliance of the rules & regulations may result in a per instance fine after one courtesy warning.  The fine is $___. Second offenses result in removal.

____ I understand that all vendors are required to provide ONE TIME, during the holiday season, product or services equivalent to $30 value.  These products or services are used to promote market events and support the community and may be in the form of a gift certificate or other rebate promotion. 

____ I understand that my last minute cancellation for the physical market for any reason adversely impacts the market and my fellow vendors.  Participation in BGFM is a mutually dependent operation.  If I treat the market carelessly, I demonstrate a lack of commitment to a public event. 

___  I accept that the Boca Grande (Virtual) Farmers Market does NOT imply or reserve exclusivity in vendors.  It is the Market Managers discretion whether to add or subtract vendors or offerings. 

___ I acknowledge that all “booth” spaces are PREPAID for the CURRENT MONTH on the first Friday of each month by cash or check.  Take the weekly booth fee and multiply it by the number of weeks in the month.  Exceptions for unusual circumstances may be permitted on a case-by-case basis with the advance approval of the Market Manager.


Information about our Virtual Market appears here, you are encouraged to call.


We hold that while healthy competition is good, there does exist more than enough abundance for everyone.  No product exclusivity is guaranteed or implied.  All vendors must provide a complete list of what they are selling so as to not overburden or oversaturate the market with commonly available items during season.  This is to ensure our market showcases the absolute best in quality, customer service, and overall growth.  No informal decisions about vendor participation are rendered without the presence of a physical application.  Decisions on participation are at the Market Manager’s sole discretion.

You can not show your product or participate in our market if you do not meet licensing, permit, and insurance requirements depending on the type of producer or vendor you are.  While we strive for a full, organic, local market, it is also true that our positioning in Southwest Florida requires that we expand our search to a 100-mile radius (and on rare instances, maybe more) for vendors with the materials and reputation we seek.  Resellers are considered on a case by case basis, as we are striving for producer farms and cottage-industry ventures.  If you are re-selling, you must clearly mark the product. Cottage industry products must also be clearly marked.  Value-added products are considered on a space available basis, and are encouraged due to our modern-day convenience society.  All prices will be clearly marked at all times. We are striving to connect and demonstrate the relevance of all vendors to agriculture and/or tourism.  Vendors selling produce must demonstrate local and fresh procurement.

The Boca Grande Farmers Market seeks equity for all vendors. The Manager is also highly invested in the reputation, business branding, pricing and promotion improvements and other suggestions not only for you, but for the entire market in general.  Your Manager is your business collaborator.  A primary responsibility of the Manager is to mercilessly showcase and promote the market through a variety of modern methods and techniques.  The Manager holds the final say in operations. 

A good market is a living, breathing, thriving thing.  An excellent market is noted by continual positive change.  We look for vendors who embrace the cooperative spirit of shared growth and learning.  We ask that you make every effort to attend any vendor meetings.  We also ask that you regularly contribute, where possible, positive photographs of you, your operation, your customers, and your market experiences to include mutually promoted social media activity.

Our market is exceptionally unique.  We have an unmatched outstanding coastal location, a big boom seasonally, a host of residents who love the island and all it means, and even more individuals with big minds and hearts.  If you’re a savvy business owner, then it will quickly become apparent that you literally will have an upscale captive audience for your products and services.  The market-goers may be initially tough, they’ll have discerning eyes and wallets, but for the vendor who brings personality, fun, excellent customer service, and utmost quality product, the harvest will be plenty. 

We are open to all suggestions, ideas, new promotions and other creative partnerships with non-profits, organizations, business, and the general public.  At the Boca Grande Farmers Market, YOU are our most critical VIP, so put down your phone’s game app right now and contact the Market Manager at 941.875.5190 for any and all confidentially held questions.

1.  Be Safe.   

2.  Be Smart. 

3.  Be Kind.

4.   Vendors are encouraged to grow (and advertise) the Florida-grown products sold on members’ farm, members’ family farm, or on land leased or rented by the Member.

5.  Vendors must agree to allow a representative of BGFM to inspect the farm or operations to ensure the Member is growing or producing all products offered for sale.

6.  Only top quality produce will be permitted to be sold at the BGFM.  Examples of products that can be sold are: Vegetables grown from seeds, sets, or seedlings; Fruits, nuts, or berries; Dried Herbs; Bulbs propagated by the seller; Honey produced from the seller’s bees; Cut or dried flowers grown by the seller; Firewood cut by the seller; Straw baled by the seller

Items requiring certificates:

  • Eggs
  • Potted products (herbs, flowers, shrubs, or trees in pots)
  • Poultry (chicken, duck, turkey)
  • Any meats (Beef, lamb, pork, buffalo, ostrich, emu, etc.)
  • Processed Dairy products (cheese, milk, etc.)
  • Baked Goods (bread, muffins, granola, or other baked goods)
  • Foods processed in a certified kitchen
  • On-site prepared foods

You must comply with state regulations or you will not be permitted to sell.  The BGFM holds the vendor responsible for obtaining the correct licenses, insurance, certificates, permits, and/or inspections.  We can not advise vendors on this matter.  You are encouraged to work with the county and the local UF/IFAS Extension Offices or the USDA.  You must also carry insurance, a copy of which must be attached to the application.  A current state certification and a copy of your last inspection must be attached for any specialty categories.  Your Certificate of Insurance must list Boca Grande Farmers Market as Additional Insured on the General Liability.

Prohibited Items:

  • Adult content, lewd themed, or pornographic in nature.
  • Paraphernalia.
  • Alcohol.
  • Weapons or fireworks of any kind.
  • Highly controversial and emergent national interests/technologies (i.e., marijuana based items, e-cigs, or non-FDA regulated therapies).
  • Items that prey upon, harm or hurt or pose a potential danger to persons.  Tobacco products will not be sold.
  • Items promoting a particular viewpoint or highly-charged emotional issues (i.e., politics,  immigration, sexual orientation, or highly legislated topics).
  • Flags, t-shirts or apparel with offensive slogans.  The Market Manager and a vendor representative will be the deciding vote.
  • We are proud to display the Florida grown logo, therefore we strive for products from Florida.  Any products external to Florida must be pre-approved and clearly marked on the application.

7.  [Removed obsolete]

8.   [Removed obsolete]

9.   It is the responsibility of Vendors to adhere to all food safety rules and regulations, both on the state and federal level.

10.   [Removed obsolete]

11.   [Removed obsolete]

12. Items should be exceptionally clean, orderly, attractive and clearly marked and priced at all times (organic items should be clearly and truthfully identified). Product should be shown at full capacity where possible.  Vendors should have an eye on booth appearance, personal appearance, and overall conduct.  We do not allow boxes on the ground and we STRONGLY discourage hanging plastic bags. Vendors will abide by Good Farmers Market Practices (GFMP).

13.  [Removed obsolete]

14. [Removed obsolete]

15. Prices must be clearly marked, fair and similar to like products of other vendors.  Price gauging and undercutting will be frowned upon and noted as will price inflation. The Manager holds authority in any market pricing disputes.

16. Sales tax collection is the responsibility of the Vendor.

17. [Removed obsolete]

18. [Removed obsolete]

19. [Removed obsolete]

20.  Vendors may only distribute business cards, flyers and promotional material that DIRECTLY relates to the content of their booth.  You may not use the BGFM to promote external businesses and all handbills or other distributed promotions should be approved by the Manager.

21.  No Vendor will make disparaging remarks about other vendors, other markets, or the management or customers.  We have a happy and fun market, we need and want your BEST you.

22.  [Removed obsolete]

23.  Boca Grande Farmers Market is independently owned and operated.  Vendor agreements are assignable as interest to another party of the owner’s choice as evidenced in writing.


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